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This is a wonderful book! I bought it for my son and he loved it so much that I read it too. It has so many real life experiences that children deal with everyday. I can't wait for the second book to come out!

"I had the privilege of being around Lindy when she was writing this book. I watched it evolve from a rough manuscript all the way to a published book. Being her friend, I am of course biased but I want to say it's a great read. I highly recommend this book! I have the Kindle edition and am reading it the second time through. Keep an eye out for this author - she's writing a second book as I type this."

 John D. 

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"Great reading for young as well as old. Looking forward to next book. Suggest reading..."

Molly Auer

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Night Meets Moon,

2016 Young Adult Fiction Finalist of the Beverly Hills Book Awards